New Prospects Report

With more than 20 years experience of researching ‘strategic funders’, including individuals, trusts, companies and governments, and a large prospect research team across Europe, Factary has the both knowledge and the capacity to find prospects for you. We’ll help you build a bespoke prospect pool that reflects your programme, your organisation and your needs.


Factary can identify and hand-select a list of new prospects not already on your organisation’s database or otherwise known to you. We can build a prospect pool comprising one or more of the following strategic funders:

  • individuals;
  • trusts/foundations;
  • companies; and/or
  • statutory bodies.

We would start with a briefing from you, which would form the basis of our research; this briefing would include establishing what your interests are, who your ‘ideal donor’ would be and what you intend to use the research for. These factors will help us to devise a New Prospects Report model which most suits your needs.

Typical criteria for ideal prospects used to guide our research include:

  • gift capacity;
  • geographic location;
  • philanthropic interests; and/or
  • business interest

What's included

As a minimum, a New Prospects Report would include:

  • the prospects’ contact details;
  • information on the prospects’ business and, where available, their philanthropic interests and activities;
  • wealth information including, where available, background information on prospects’ wealth (stock holdings, property, remuneration, and so on); and
  • reason for inclusion, a brief summary of why Factary has selected this prospect for your organisation and its needs.

We can then enhance this information with more in-depth research and analysis, depending on your needs.

For further information please email Factary or phone 0117 916 6740.