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Factary provides research, consultancy and training to the non-profit sector. We work with both fundraisers and philanthropists, and help our clients through the provision of research services. We also help not-for-profit organisations to perform prospect research more effectively and to locate funding and partners.

Factary offers strategic planning and consultancy in fundraising and philanthropy, based on research and analysis. We are experts in prospect research, with more than twenty five years’ experience of helping non-profits to identify and understand their strategic donors and philanthropic investors.

Our team includes specialists in:

  • Foundations & Trusts
  • Corporations
  • International Research
  • Strategic Donors & Major Donors
  • Statutory & European Union Funding
  • Data Services & IT

We are based in the UK, (click here for contact details), with international affiliated offices providing a network of researchers worldwide.



Factary Atom, a network mapping service designed expressly for the nonprofit sectorFactary Atom, a network mapping service designed expressly for the nonprofit sector


Factary Atom is a network mapping service designed expressly for the nonprofit sector.

Atom maps individual’s philanthropic, social and educational connections, past and current, not just business, giving you the full picture of your prospect’s connections.

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Factary data screening servicesFactary data screening services


Factary has been analysing and screening databases of contact, donor, alumni and ticket buyers for UK non-profits since 1992.

A Factary screening can help you find the best prospects in your in-house database.

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Factary Phi

Factary Phi, an online searchable database of donations to UK non-profitsFactary Phi, an online searchable database of donations to UK non-profits


Factary Phi is an online, searchable database of donations made to UK not-for-profit organisations.

The database lets you examine the full range of philanthropy in the UK – and download your findings into a spreadsheet with a single click.

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Research & Profiling

Factary profiling services, offering up-to-the-minute prospect researchFactary profiling services, offering up-to-the-minute prospect research


Factary’s team of experienced researchers can provide a variety of prospect research & profiling services.

Our hand-researched, up-to-the-minute reports ensure you get intelligent, pertinent, fresh information for each of your leading prospects.

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Key Services

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Why Factary’s different

Factary’s difference lies in our approach. We undertake a direct, hands-on approach to all the work we undertake, whether a database screening, prospect briefing or an in-depth profile. This is an approach we’ve maintained during our twenty five years of providing research to the non-profit sector in the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

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Our values

We’re an ethical business built on nonprofit values; our aim is to bring fundraisers and philanthropists together to share knowledge for good.

Feel free to read about our key services. We’re also happy to talk about your needs – simply contact us by phone or by email to arrange a discussion.