New Prospects Research

It can be very difficult to get started developing a major gift, trusts or corporate fundraising programme. Perhaps you don’t have the potential donors to approach. Or perhaps you have one or two potential donors, when to reach your fundraising target you need 20, 50, 100 or even more.

You need a pool of prospects for your programme, and you know that finding them is going to take long and difficult work.

That’s where Factary can help. We can build you a bespoke pool of prospects that reflects your organisation, your programme and your needs.

New Prospect Report: Features

Factary can identify and hand-select a list of new prospects not already on your organisation’s database or otherwise known to you.

Maybe you need to identify 100 potential funders in the Midlands with the capacity to give £50,000, or fifty grant-making trusts that will help fund your London museum’s new capital campaign, or 25 wealthy and influential businesspeople whose interests match those of your programme. Whatever the specifics, Factary can help.

Building a prospect pool

We can build a prospect pool comprising one or more of the following strategic funders:

  • individuals
  • trusts/foundations
  • companies

With more than 25 years experience of researching ‘strategic funders’, including individuals, trusts, companies and governments, and a large prospect research team across Europe, Factary has the both knowledge and the capacity to find prospects for you.

How it works

We would start with a briefing from you, where you would tell us about your organisation, its interests and your campaign or programme. Perhaps you would tell us about your hypothetical ‘ideal donor’, for example:

  • gift capacity
  • geographic location
  • philanthropic interests
  • business interests

This briefing would form the basis of our research, and help us to come up with a prospect model which most suits your needs.

If you’d like to know the level of information we can include in a New Prospects Report, please get in touch with us, by email, by phone on 0117 916 6740, or using our contact form. We’d be happy to talk over your needs and provide sample reports for you to assess.

Please note that prior to commissioning a report on individual prospects not already known to your organisation there are specific data protection issues to consider. Most crucially, these include the timeframe within which you would inform the prospect that you have their details. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the data protection implications of a New Prospects Report in more detail.