Prospect Profiling

Our team of experienced researchers offer a variety of different levels of research and profiling services. Our research reports are generated by people, not machines, ensuring you get intelligent, pertinent, fresh information for each of your leading prospects. The Factary team specialise in analysing the huge range of information that is available today and giving you an intelligent summary of a prospect’s potential. Our profiles draw on a wide range of paid-for sources as well as Factary’s extensive library of information built up over the last 20 years.

Our Profiles

Our three main research & profile services are:

  • Prospect Briefings: provide a summary of a prospect’s key professional and philanthropic interests together with an estimated wealth band. This is an ideal follow-up to a Database Screening or when you want to know a little bit more about a potential donor.
  • Standard Profiles: detailed professional, philanthropic and wealth information plus recent press coverage. This level of reporting is ideal prior to a first meeting with a prospect in order to focus initial discussions towards their main areas of interest.
  • In-Depth Profiles: a comprehensive breakdown of a prospect, including biographical information, their key connections, known past donations, an estimated gift capacity plus a recommendation for how strong we feel the prospect is as a major donor to your organisation. At this level of reporting you are buying a dedicated researcher to work on your prospect for a day. An in-depth profile provides you with detailed information about a serious candidate for a major donation.

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Bespoke profiling

  • Bespoke Profiles: to meet your exact needs or re-formatting our reports in line with your database input requirements
  • International Profiles: drawing on our network of specialist researchers in other parts of the world including Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East in order to enhance our UK based sources
  • Companies: if you need to know more about the contact details, CSR policies and Directors of a company that you are thinking of approaching for funding or sponsorship
  • Grant-making Trusts/Foundations: to help you understand the selection criteria, donation history and Trustee profiles of a trust that you are considering approaching for funding.

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Next steps: Prospect Review and Strategies Day

Factary can help you make the most of your prospects with consultancy and guidance.

Drawing on our experience with many hundreds of non-profits across the UK and Europe we’ll provide practical, down-to-earth recommendations on how to move forward. We can do this in various ways, but a straightforward starting point is in a Prospects Review and Strategies Day.

We would spend a day with you reviewing the names that have been identified and the options for developing them as prospects and donors. The day, built around your current fundraising programmes, would include:

  • a review of the prospects identified, one-by-one, to discuss individual strategies for approach;
  • an overview of the business and philanthropic sectors that you are reaching, and those you are not;
  • a no-names comparison with other organisations in your sector; and
  • options and alternatives for fundraising.

If you are interested in knowing more about our profiling services please email Factary, or call on 0117 916 6740 to discuss your requirements in more detail. Tell us what you want, and how you plan to use the information, and we can advise on the most cost-effective options.

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