Prospect Profiling

We know that successful fundraising happens when a donor has an excellent experience and builds a rewarding relationship with a non-profit. Even donors who already feel a close affinity with a cause still need the non-profit to take the time to understand their needs and consider their expertise.

Fundraisers can and do gain a lot of valuable insight from face to face meetings with donors, but they also need the support of excellent research and intelligence to help them understand what truly motivates their donors and prospects. Factary has been researching High Net Worth Individuals, trusts and foundations and corporates for over 25 years. We can use this experience to help your fundraisers understand the needs, preferences and interests of donors in order to help them build lasting and rewarding relationships.

Our Profiling Services

Our team of experienced researchers offer a variety of different levels of research and profiling services. These are designed to meet your needs, whether this be qualifying a group of prospects or preparing for a face-to-face meeting. Our profiles can include information on:

  • Business interests
  • Philanthropic interests
  • Wealth information
  • Key networks
  • Biographical information
  • Recent news

Drawing on a wide range of paid-for resources as well as Factary’s extensive library of information built up over the past 25 years, the Factary team specialise in analysing the huge range of information that is available to give you an intelligent summary of a prospect’s motivations and potential for support.

What We Can Provide

Factary’s three main research and profile services are:

  • Prospect Briefings – Providing a hand-researched snapshot summary of a prospect’s key current and past professional interests and key philanthropic interests together with an estimated wealth band.
  • Standard Profiles – Providing key biographical information, detailed professional career and philanthropic information as well as a detailed breakdown of the prospect’s wealth and relevant recent news items.
  • In-Depth Profiles – A comprehensive breakdown of a prospect, including biographical, professional, philanthropic and wealth information, their key networks, known past donations and an estimated gift capacity.

In addition to our main profiling services, we can also provide bespoke profiling services including:

  • Bespoke Profiles – to meet your exact needs or re-formatting our reports in line with your database input requirements.
  • Event Briefings – snap-shot profiles designed to focus on top-line information and conversation points.
  • International Profiles – drawing on our expertise of researching internationally including projects undertaken covering Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Corporate Profiles – reporting on CSR policies and partnership opportunities, business and financial information, director profiles and other information needed to assess a company if you are thinking of approaching for funding or sponsorship.
  • Grant-making Trusts/Foundations – to help you understand the selection criteria, donation history and trustee profiles of a trust that you are considering approaching for funding.

If you want to discuss your profiling needs or require further information on any of these products please email Factary or call 0117 9166740.