Reputational Analysis

How well do you know your donors? The Charity Commission states that charities are legally required to carry out due diligence, in order to provide adequate assurances about the identity of their donors – particularly substantial donors. As well as this legal requirement, non-profit organisations must also consider the ethical and reputational risks that come with accepting major donations. How are non-profits to carry out comprehensive due diligence without the proper resources, time and expertise?

Factary can help. We’ve been carrying out reputational analysis research on individuals, companies and charitable trusts for over 25 years. We can turn this expertise to help you identify and assess any key areas of risk to your organisation.

How we can help…

Our experience in prospect research, along with our understanding of organisations’ gift acceptance policies and procedures, means Factary is ideally placed to meet your due diligence requirements.

Using an extensive list of reputable sources, we are able to thoroughly research and analyse individuals, corporates and other philanthropic vehicles, both in the UK and overseas, to report on any prosecutions, legal proceedings or controversies and to identify areas of potential ethical or reputational risk reported in the public domain.

What we can provide…

Factary has developed a rigorous methodology for producing reputational analysis profiles. We can help to ensure that any potential risks to your organisation that are reported in the public domain, including areas of controversy, are identified.

Don’t forget we can tailor our research to meet your specific requirements. We are happy to work with your Gift Acceptance policy and your in-house due diligence template – we’re also happy to add additional and relevant key ethical criteria in our research.

Our standard reports would include:

  • key information on the prospect such as their source of funds, positions of responsibility, and affiliations
  • detailed information on any convictions, criminal proceedings, and ethical or reputational controversies relating to the prospect, their companies, networks, and affiliations including, where relevant, social or familial connections.

Corporate reports can include information on:

  • business activities
  • global subsidiaries
  • CSR activities and policies
  • any identified key controversies or legal issues
  • specific ethical issues such as human rights, environmental policies and activities, or governance

If you would like to discuss your due diligence needs in more detail please contact us by email, by using our contact form, or by phone on 0117 916 6740.