About Us

Factary is Europe’s leading prospect research agency, offering unrivalled experience with specialist skills & products.

Why Factary is different

Overall, 84% of clients would either recommend Factary to a friend or colleague if asked or have already done so. Here’s a few things our clients say:

  • Factary people are friendly and highly approachable.
  • Factary cares about your data security and fundraising needs.
  • Factary is responsive.
  • Factary is flexible.

(Source: Factary annual customer survey, 2010; all the phrases above were agreed with by more than 80% of respondents.)

And here’s a few specifics:

  • We are experienced – Factary was founded in 1990 and has worked since then with hundreds of nonprofit organisations.
  • We work with philanthropists, and with fundraisers. Factary is active with philanthropic investors, helping them to find partners. We aim to build bridges between philanthropists and fundraisers.
  • We offer international research, with UK-based leadership.
  • We have a wealth of data. Our unique, in-house databases have been designed and built by us specifically to provide fundraising & prospect research to the nonprofit sector.

Quite simply, Factary’s difference is in its unique knowledge, experience, innovation and specialisms which it has developed over the past 25+ years of operation; during which time we have been privileged to have provided the highest standard of prospect research to the nonprofit sector.

We treat your data differently

For us screening is not simply an automated process. We also process client data manually.

We offer a HEALTH CHECK to clean and tidy up fields of data, and correcting other common (and less common) formatting errors. Because of this, we can identify prospects whose addresses may have been incorrectly entered or whose names may have been misspelt in your database. This enhances screening insights and also ensures that your returned corrected data is accurate.

Screenings in their proper context

A screening is the first step in a chain of activities that will build a strong prospect pool. We know that prospects come from many sources – from your existing fundraising database but also from other internal sources of data and contacts – and we have methods for combining each of these information sources into one unified prospect pool (click to see further information on how we can help you develop your prospect pipeline).

We can help you analyse your results

  • We can tailor screenings to your specific needs so that we can help you to identify those within your database who should be made a priority for your attention. This is especially useful for clients with exceptionally large datasets.
  • We can adapt methods to suit your strategy. If you plan to focus, for example, on the business sector we can adapt the screening to focus on and highlight the best corporate contacts in your database.
  • We will analyse and segment your screening results to provide the best possible outcome in terms of priorities and strategic goals.

For more information about Factary’s services for the non-profit sector, call us on 0117 916 6740 or refer to our other contact details.

A few more Factary differences

Below we’ve outlined a few of the unique features that make us Europe’s leading provider of prospect research to the non-profit sector.

Our Experience

  • Factary is Europe’s leading prospect research agency, offering strategic planning and consultancy in fundraising and philanthropy, based on research and analysis
  • We have over 25 years experience with a wide range of non-profit organisations and philanthropists, from local through regional to national and international nonprofits.

Our Approach

  • Factary is an ethical business built on nonprofit values. Our aim is to bring fundraisers and philanthropists together for the greater good, and to help forge better sustainable donor relationships.
  • No two nonprofits are exactly alike, so our approach is to tailor-make research and consultancy services for each client.

Major Gifts

  • Experience of major gift and gift upgrade programmes right across Europe for both national and international not-for-profits in education, social and environmental programmes.


  • Factary actively works with philanthropists and is a member of the European Foundation Centre.
  • Factary has privileged connections with venture philanthropists in Europe as a member of the European Venture Philanthropy Association.


  • We have extensive experience in market studies in the field of philanthropy. As examples, Factary has recently carried out studies for projects in the Netherlands (a substantial study on large-scale personal philanthropy), a combined UK and European study for a cancer organisation, and a global study on corporate social responsibility for a leading international NGO.


  • Special skills in training and in the design and delivery of high-quality and well-supported courses in fundraising.

Data analysis & screening

  • Factary has been screening and analysing non-profit databases since 1992, and has carried out hundreds of analyses on millions of records in the UK, as well as screenings and analysis in Spain, France, Belgium the Netherlands and Germany.

Truly international

  • Experience and knowledge of the workings and practice in international and cross-border fundraising .
  • Factary’s leadership is based in the UK & Spain.
  • We offer research and Data Screenings across Europe, the US, and Asia.


  • Factary’s Chairman, Chris Carnie is the author of Fundraising from Europe (Chapel & York, London, 2003) and more recently How Philanthropy is Changing in Europe (Publication Date: 2017-01-13. Publisher: Policy Press)