New Trust Update

There are currently around 10,000 grant-making trusts and foundations registered at the Charity Commission – and this number grows by approximately 240 each year.

In 2012 it was estimated that the top 900 endowed foundations had assets of over £48bn, equivalent to over 50% of the UK charity sector’s total assets. Latest figures put charitable expenditure of the top 300 foundations alone at £2.7bn, representing 15% of all private giving in the UK.

The current size and giving potential of this fundraising market in the UK is staggering. With the Association of Charitable Foundations predicting increased giving from trusts and foundations in the years to come, fundraisers need to understand this constantly growing and changing sector.

This is where Factary’s New Trust Update is a great help.

Our publication provides a detailed summary of all the new grant-making organisations which are registered with the Charity Commission every month. As well as information on new trusts month by month, using Factary’s online, searchable archive of past editions of the New Trust Update means you won’t miss out on established grant-makers currently operating in the UK.

New Trust Update: features

Monthly Publication

Subscribers to Factary’s the New Trust Update receive a monthly report of all relevant grant-making trusts newly registered at the Charity Commission. On average 20 new grant-makers are featured in each issue; circulation is limited to 100 subscribers to ensure exclusivity.

Every issue features in-depth research on each trust including:

  • full information on charitable interests and activities
  • financial information including notes on any grants already made
  • biographic details of trustees, and
  • notes from interviews conducted with the settlors.

All the information we include builds a picture of newly registered trusts and allows subscribers to formulate approach strategies as the trusts become more established.

In short, the New Trust Update allows you to be aware of any relevant grant-makers in the weeks following their registration, so you can establish contact before they become swamped with applicants.

Online Archive

Factary launched the New Trust Update in 1993. Since then we have published over 270 issues – since 2005 alone we have featured over 2,800 grant-making trusts and foundations.

In 2015 we decided to put this extensive back catalogue to good use, so we launched the online New Trust Update archive.

The New Trust Update Archive is a simple, fast and efficient way to find trusts and foundations in the UK. Exclusively available to New Trust Update subscribers, the archive further improves the return on investment for subscribers, as a way of finding out about new and established philanthropists.

The archive provides a quick and intuitive search facility that allows you to get results fast. You can search by charitable area of interests, total expenditure, keywords or trustee name to find relevant trusts and foundations that suit your charitable interests. You can also filter the results by status, quickly excluding those that have been removed from the Charity Commission register or are no longer financially active.

Why subscribe?

The New Trust Update service from Factary is an essential fundraising tool for the Rainbow Centre. We are now in our 5th year of subscribing to the service and I would recommend it to any organisation which seeks to raise funds from grant making trusts.

Deborah Riley, Trust & Finance Officer, The Rainbow Centre, Bristol

Our subscribers tell us that the monthly New Trust Update is incredibly useful, providing all the in-depth information required about newly registered trusts in one place.

Subscribers have also commented that the level of detail included in the monthly issue is “excellent” and that the reports produce a lot of leads, bringing in new funding that more than pays for the outlay on the subscription.

Subscribers also say that the New Trust Update saves subscribers hours of time spent searching or making phone calls to source information on new potential grant-makers. One subscriber told us, “I think the comments for each profile are brilliant and really insightful, they really help to create a picture of the donor.”

One of our established subscribers described the online archive as a “great new tool in prospecting.”

If you’d like to find out how the New Trust Update could help you, please email the Editor, David Hughes, or call him direct on 0117 916 6742.