Support & Consultancy

We know from our work with philanthropists that unless non-profit organisations develop meaningful relationships with donors they risk missing out on valuable opportunities. Similarly, non-profits must ensure they understand the shifting regulatory landscape, including how to properly manage data and communications with supporters, in order to build public trust and confidence in the sector.
Factary can help.

The non-profit sector in the UK and Europe is changing rapidly, with new structures emerging across the spectrum from traditional charity to new social enterprises – but also new requirements for data protection and security, and communication with your supporters.

Factary has been offering advice and training to non-profit organisations for over twenty-five years. We use a mixture of advice, training, mentoring, coaching, research and creativity to solve problems, combining our experience in the non-profit sector with a practical, ethical, research-led approach to consultancy.

Consultancy and training in fundraising, prospect management and data

Factary offers consultancy services in three main areas: fundraising and philanthropy; prospect management systems, including prospect pipeline systems and processes; and data protection and security.


We can help you build a strategy for fundraising that will deliver the results your non-profit organisation needs – building strong, lasting partnerships with your strategic donors and investors.

Our fundraising consultancy services include:

  • practical advice on fundraising programmes and/or development strategies
  • reviewing fundraising performance against benchmarks
  • identifying new markets
  • assessing the feasibility, risk and investment requirement of your projects
  • support on impact measurement and Social Return On Investment (SROI) techniques
  • product development, including case statements and grant writing
  • training, mentoring and coaching

Whatever your needs, Factary can tailor a fundraising strategy to meet them, and help you build the best structure for your fundraising programme.

Prospect Management

Your potential donors and investors aren’t just names on a list. They are people, each of them with unique interests, motivations, concerns and expectations.

Factary can help you establish a donor-focused culture, in which every key supporter is engaged with as an individual.

Our prospect management consultancy services include:

  • researching donor motivations and objections
  • setting up and maintaining an effective prospect management system
  • establishing a new research office, including planning, structures, training, resources and evaluation
  • identifying barriers to effective prospect management
  • developing a managed value chain for prospects
  • training and mentoring staff in prospect management techniques

Factary can help you to develop donor-centred prospect management programmes, strengthening your relationship with potential donors and supporters.

Data Protection & Security

Our data protection and security consultancy offers:

  • advice on what personal data may be collected during the course of research, and how it may be processed, stored and transferred
  • how to frame a comprehensive privacy statement, and communicate it to your supporters
  • audits to review your data protection policies, and how they will adhere to the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulations
  • help with your privacy statements, and data protection policies and procedures
  • a subscription support service for help and advice when you need it most, making sure you can continue to process data fairly and legally

Factary can help you establish a culture of privacy awareness, so that potential issues can be identified at an early stage.

Advice that’s right for you

We make a point of understanding you and your needs. We seek to help our clients understand not just any potential problems, but also their root causes – and how to address them.

We can help you to take a customer-centred view on your prospect management, and to make sure that you are General Data Protection Regulation compliant, with robust data protection guidelines – all essential to build positive, long-term, responsible donor engagement.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch with us, by email, by phone on 0117 916 6740, or using our contact form. We’d be happy to talk over your needs.