Consultancy & Training

In fundraising, philanthropy and prospect management, Factary offers experienced, research-based counsel and training to non-profit organisations and supporters. We have been offering advice and training to not-for-profit organisations for almost twenty years; click here to see a list of those non-profit organisations we’ve worked with in the past.

Factary consultants work with clients on feasibility studies, market studies, business planning, organisational structures and guidance to solve specific problems. We use a mixture of advice, training, mentoring and coaching, research and creativity to solve problems.

The non-profit sector in Europe is changing rapidly, with new structures emerging across the spectrum from traditional charity to new social enterprises. Factary’s lead consultants are actively engaged in this evolving sector, combining our experience in business and non-profits across Europe with a practical, ethical, research-led approach to consultancy.

To discuss any of Factary’s consulting services, or any of our other services, please get in touch with us.

Fundraising and Philanthropy

We can help you build a strategy for fundraising that will deliver the results your non-profit organisation needs within measured and acceptable levels of Return on Investment.

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Prospect Management

We are happy to work with individual philanthropists, foundations or professional advisers.

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The Factary team are experienced trainers and frequent participants in in-house training, international conferences, seminars and Master Classes.

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Consulting in Fundraising and Philanthropy

Factary’s consulting services in fundraising and philanthropy are focused on building strong, lasting partnerships between strategic donors and investors, and non-profits. Our services include:

  • Audits - to review fundraising performance against benchmarks
  • Studies - to identify new markets and assess the feasibility, risk and investment requirement of projects
  • Structures - innovative fundraising vehicles for investment and growth
  • Strategies - for development
  • Practical advice on building a programme
  • Business and financial planning
  • Impact measurement and Social Return On Investment (SROI) techniques
  • Product development - including Case Statements and grant writing
  • Training, mentoring and coaching

Factary can tailor a fundraising strategy to meet your requirements - whatever your needs. We can help you build the right structure for your fundraising programme, whether that is limited to one country or occurring across multiple nations.

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Consulting in Prospect Management

We take a customer-centred view of prospect management. Prospects - potential donors and investors - are people, not just names on a list. They are people with interests, histories, concerns and expectations.

We know from our work with philanthropists that a failure in prospect management can mean the loss of many valuable potential donors and investors.

Factary works with non-profits across Europe to develop customer-centred prospect management programmes.

Factary’s consulting services in this field include:

  • Researching and understanding donor motivations, and objections
  • Expert IT advice to set up and manage an effective prospect management system
  • Establishing a new research office, including planning, structures, training, resources and evaluation
  • Identifying barriers to prospect management in organisations
  • Developing a managed value chain for prospects
  • Developing control, evaluation and impact measurement tools for prospect management
  • Training and mentoring key staff in these techniques

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Our training style is interactive and practical, and our content built on a solid base of research and knowledge. We design and deliver one- or two-day training courses, tailored to the needs of you and your team. Our training covers all aspects of the relationship between strategic philanthropists and fundraising organisations, including:

  • prospect research,
  • prospect management,
  • prospect cultivation and stewardship,
  • philanthropic structures and
  • strategies.

To discuss any of Factary’s research or consulting services please contact us.

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