Interim Researcher

Are you ever in need of extra research support at limited notice?

Perhaps you’re gearing up for a major campaign or embarking on a new programme. Perhaps a member of your research staff will be taking parenting leave, or you need coverage of a vacant position. Perhaps you’re simply going through a busy period.

Whatever the reason, Factary is ready to provide flexible, reliable research support, specific to your organisation’s particular needs.

How a Factary interim researcher can help you

A Factary interim researcher gives you the high levels of research and personalisation you would expect from an in-house researcher.

We also offer the added benefits of Factary’s specialised knowledge and skills, access to a broad range of sources and subscriber services, and the support of a research team with years of experience in the non-profit sector.

Our expertise

Your researcher would already be fully trained and experienced in a wide variety of research techniques, including:

  • profiling prospects,
  • due diligence research,
  • identification of new prospects,
  • network research,
  • analysis of potential fundraising markets (UK and international),
  • auditing and prioritising lists of prospects,
  • making links between strategic funders,
  • and more.

But knowledge and experience isn’t all we offer.

Research that goes the extra mile

To make the best possible use of your time, your assigned researcher would be fully briefed by you at the outset, giving an overview of your current activities, your active fundraising programmes, and your specific research needs.

We can even provide an initial immersion day at your office, so that your researcher can learn about your past research, filing and data systems, security, and your organisation’s structure and management.

We undertake to be in regular contact with you to make sure things are going as you expect, and to keep abreast of your needs as they may change.

Wherever necessary, Factary can provide holiday and sickness cover, so that there is no break in service.

Interim Researcher: full details

Factary’s interim researcher service is a smart option when you need an experienced researcher, quickly, reliably, and without the overhead costs.


Our service offers access to Factary resources including:

  • full access to Factary’s subscriber services: Mint (Bureau van Dijk), Factiva, Debrett’s People of Today, Trustfunding (Directory of Social Change), the Corporate Register, and more.
  • subscriber-level access to Factary’s Phi UK non-profit donations database, its New Trust Update archive, and public domain elements of internal data.
  • access to Factary’s extensive library of paper sources, including rich lists, power lists, salary surveys and a wide range of specialist publications.

Reporting and data entry

We’re happy to carry out data entry direct into Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce, DonorFlex, or any other database that allows off-site access.

We can also take copies of your existing templates for briefing notes, profiles or prospecting projects, so that we can match your format as far as possible. Otherwise, we would agree a format before commencing research, to make sure we would answer your needs.

Confidentiality, Copyright & Security

Any and all data supplied by you will remain confidential. You will retain copyright over the data, and will continue as the data controller for any personal data.

Factary undertakes without reservation that no client-supplied data will be used by Factary for any purpose other than that client’s programme of work. All data supplied will be deleted upon completion.

Factary will act in accordance with a modified version of our terms of business, whereby copyright on all original work created by your interim researcher will belong to the client.

Contact us

If you have any more questions, or want to find out how quickly we can provide you with an interim researcher, please contact us by phone on 0117 916 6740, or contact us by email, or using our contact form.