Interim Researcher

An Interim Researcher from Factary can provide:

  • extra support during busy periods;
  • extra support while gearing up for a major campaign or embarking on a new programme;
  • extra support for major research projects, such as post-screening analysis, prospecting for new sources of funding, briefing note & in-depth profile production, and more;
  • on-going, expert assistance in prospect research;
  • maternity/paternity leave coverage; and
  • position vacancy coverage.

Our service offers:

  • a named, skilled researcher who gets to know your organisation and its particular needs;
  • flexible, reliable support;
  • guaranteed confidentiality;
  • a fully-supplied research office, with the latest data sources;
  • freedom from worries about holidays or sickness;
  • freedom from the costs and time implications of recruitment, salaries, staff contracts and data costs; and
  • a smart option for organisations that need someone with experience now without the overhead costs.

Your Researcher

To get the best from their time, your researcher would be fully briefed by you at the outset regarding your organisation’s current activities, your active fundraising programme(s) and your specific research needs.

Your allocated researcher would spend an initial immersion day (or two, where needed) at your offices. There s/he would learn about past research, filing and data systems, secure data exchange (passwords) and your organisation’s structure, people and management. S/he would agree with you suitable templates for reporting (e.g. prospect peer reviews, in-depth profiles.) Acceptable outcomes within timescales would also be agreed upon (please see the table in the Productivity & Expense section, for an initial guide).

Your researcher will be fully trained and experienced in a range of research techniques and could support you in: profiling prospects, finding new sources of funding, estimating the wealth of known prospects and exploring their networks, auditing prospect lists, prioritising prospects, making links between strategic funders, and more.

The researcher would spend between 1 and 3 days in each 10 days worked in your offices (as needed), and would be in telephone contact with you for at least 1 day in every 2 worked.

Where necessary, Factary will provide holiday and sickness cover, so that there is no break in service.

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Access to sources and subscriber services

Your allocated researcher will have full access to the Factary’s subscriber data services including DASH, Factiva, Debrett’s People of Today, DSC Trustfunding, Corporate Register and more. They will also be able to draw on our extensive library of paper sources, such as biographic and professional directories, an extensive collection of Rich Lists, Power Lists and Salary Surveys, and a range of specialist publications.

In addition, the Researcher will have subscriber level access to both our New Trust Update data set (containing information on hundreds of grant-making trusts) and to Factary Phi (our online database of donations to UK non-profit organisations), as well as access to the public domain elements of internal Factary data. However, note that data supplied to Factary by other clients will not be available to the Interim Researcher.

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Reporting & Data Entry

If your database has the capacity to provide off-site access, we will happily carry out data entry direct into your Raisers’ Edge, Blackbaud, or any other compatible database.

For briefing notes, profiles, or prospecting projects, we would take a copy of your existing templates to work towards, or would agree a format for reporting with you before commencing research.

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Confidentiality, Copyright &Data Security

All client-supplied data will remain confidential to you the client. You will retain the copyright to the data, and will continue as the Data Controller for any personal data. No client-supplied data will be used by Factary for any purpose other than the client’s programme of work.

The researcher will act in accordance with Factary’s Terms of Business with a revised paragraph 5, so that copyright on original works created by the Interim Researcher, and not in the public domain, becomes the property of you, the client. The revised paragraph reads:

  1. Works produced when performing the Services
    1. It is acknowledged that when performing the Services The Factary may create, adapt or modify manuals, reports, studies, statistics, processes, designs, images or other materials (“the Works”).
    2. Where data is drawn from the public domain, its Intellectual Property Rights will be held by the public domain provider. Where The Factary creates original Works, Intellectual Property Rights arising from the creation of these Works shall be owned by the Client.

Conflict of interest

Factary will follow our standard practice as laid out in our Terms of Business. You will be notified of any potential conflict of interest. The interim researcher will be kept off projects that could create a conflict.

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Productivity & Expenses

Travel and accommodation are charged at cost to client (though as the researcher would be primarily based at Factary’s offices, costs would be kept to a minimum).

We provide the following as a guide to the time our researchers would normally expect to spend on various forms of research.

Type of Research Time
Profiles Between 1 and 3 per day
(depending on level of detail)
Briefing notes Between 5 and 15 per day
(depending on level of detail)
Generating lists of new prospects Between 5 and 15 names per day
(depending on criteria)
Brief biography and wealth estimate
for named prospect
Between 10 and 20 per day

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