Factary Phi: Donations Database

While providing data on philanthropy and donations is an invaluable function of prospect research, the actual process of researching past giving by individuals, trusts or corporates can be time consuming and difficult.

Nevertheless, researchers are often called upon to perform research into philanthropic giving to other organisations. This might be to identify particular individuals, trusts or companies with a philanthropic interest in a cause. It might be to better understand the philanthropic landscape, to gain an understanding of what types of donors are giving at what levels to what causes, in order to help shape fundraising strategy. Or it might be to understand donors’ likely gift or donation capacity so that a relevant and realistic level of support can be requested.

Factary Phi takes the stress out of this kind of prospect research. Phi is the UK’s only comprehensive, searchable database of donations and donors to the non-profit sector.

Factary Phi: Features

Easy to use and secure

Factary Phi is both easy to use and secure. It features a fast and flexible search system, and a one-click export function allowing you to download search results in a spreadsheet format almost instantly.

Phi’s database lets you see the full range of philanthropy in the UK. It includes donations made by individuals, companies and trusts and foundations, as well as listing details of trusteeships, patronages and celebrity ambassadors.

Comprehensive and flexible

Phi offers a comprehensive and flexible search facility, allowing you to narrow your query according to information in a wide array of fields. These include:

  • donor and recipient names (whole or partial);
  • organisation type or sector
  • date and size of the donation; and
  • recipient and donor locations

Compiled from verifiable public domain sources

All the information included in the Phi donations database is gathered from public domain sources, including websites and account information published by non-profit organisations and by the Charity Commission.

For every record in the database Phi provides a direct link to the original source so subscribers can easily verify the information or undertake further research.

A subscription to Phi includes:

  • unlimited access to the database, 24/7
  • unlimited searches in the database
  • fully searchable fields – text and numbers – and
  • instant, free, download of information into a spreadsheet.

Why subscribe to Factary’s UK donations database?

Phi is a low-cost, flexible service that cuts out the time and hassle of researching donations and philanthropy. Our subscribers have told us that they use Phi data to:

  • understand their prospects’ philanthropic interests and levels of giving
  • identify new donors
  • assist in shaping fundraising strategy
  • improve relationships between fundraisers and researchers
  • understand how donors prefer to give (what giving mechanisms they use)
  • add value to their research profiles and outputs

For a full breakdown of how our current subscribers use Factary Phi please see our blog post Five ways to make use of donation data.

If you think it would be useful for you and you would like to know more, we can arrange an online demo of Phi where you can run some live searches to see if the database would be suitable for your needs.

We’ll be happy to set up a live online demonstration of Factary Phi for you, and to answer all your questions. Just email David Hughes or call on 0117 9166 742.