Prospect Research, for Fundraisers

Factary director Helen Brown ( has co-authored a new book on prospect research. It’s aimed at researchers, but above all at the fundraisers who are managing researchers.  Chapters include Identifying New Prospects, Researching Prospects, Donor Relationship Management, Ethics, and Managing Prospect Research.

The chapter on Managing Prospect Research includes sensible guidance on setting expectations and agreeing terminology.

A great practical handbook for everyone in the research and fundraising community.

Prospect Research for Fundraisers cover

Screening and Analysis: better shared?

Laura Coates, Major Donor Manager at Spinal Research, has just posted a message on Prospect Research UK that we can’t resist repeating here (thank you, Laura, for your permission to do so.)

I had our database wealth screened with Factary and Prospecting for Gold simultaneously. I removed those we had already identified as wealthy prospects from the data I submitted initially so that I could realistically asses how many ‘new’ wealth matches each were offering (and that I wasn’t buying information we already knew!). I think Factary charged £500ish for the initial screening and name match (without the bands) and it was free with P4G but you didn’t get the names, just an analysis of the type of info they could offer on the match rate. 

Factary matching starts from wealth of £500k and they have a £500k – 5m band whereas P4G start at £1m – 5m (for the data I ended up buying it did anyway). P4G had a slightly higher match rate and the information they were able to provide in the packages was more appropriate for my use at the time so I bought the majority of the wealth bands from p4G. I then de duped those name from the name only match Factary had provided (with the initial screening) and those I was left with are now part of my £500-1m mid value group.

I felt that by screening with both I was able to analyse and choose the best route for us. In an ideal world it would have been great to buy from both Factary and Prospecting for Gold by my budget wouldn’t stretch that far.

Both were great on the customer service front – I continue to double check queries with the P4G matches and they are always very helpful (and don’t charge).

Hope that makes sense – happy to talk to you about it privately if you’d like to.

Good luck


Laura Coates

Major Donor Manager

Spinal Research