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Factary Phi is a searchable database of donors and supporters – it lists gifts, by people, trusts and companies, showing who gave, and to whom. Phi’s data covers the whole range of the non-profit sector in the UK, including arts organisations, universities and charities. Currently the database holds over 600,000 records representing donations with a combined monetary value of over £30bn – and these figures grow every month.

Phi offers a comprehensive and flexible search facility, allowing you to narrow your query according to information in a number of fields. These include:

  • donor and recipient names (whole or partial);
  • organisation type;
  • date and size of the donation; and
  • recipient and donor locations.

Additional information on the donation available at the source, such as the project it was made towards, is also provided.

Factary Phi reports upon donations made by individuals, companies and trusts and foundations – we also list details of trusteeships, patronages and celebrity ambassadors. The database lets you see the full range of philanthropy in the UK – and export your search results into a spreadsheet with one click. Hyperlinks will take you to the original source of information.

How can Phi help me?

We can help you build a strategy for fundraising that will deliver the results your non-profit organisation needs within measured and acceptable levels of Return on Investment.

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Our sources

We analyse a wide variety of public domain sources to compile Factary Phi, and provide links to all sources.

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We provide a monthly newsletter to all subscribers, updating them about the database and the charitable sector.

How can Phi help with non-profits’ research?

Find donors

Using Phi, it’s possible to search for any part of a donor’s name, and sort the results into any order you like: by name, by gift size, by location, and so on.

Check your donor’s other interests

Search for your donors and find out which other causes they support, and how much they’ve donated to charitable causes.

Find prospects who have given to a cause

Phi can search for donations by charity type, so that you can easily identify the greatest supporters of animal welfare, the environment, health, disability, and so on.

Find major donors

Wherever possible, Phi records gift sizes, gift range and the year of donation, allowing you to rank or categorise donors according to the charitable donations they’ve made and when they made them.

Find donations to a specific charity

Since Phi records both the name of the organisation that received the donation, as well as its charity registration number, you can easily search for donations made to a specific organisation, be it a charity, a higher education establishment, or political party.

Find prospects who have given to non-profits in a defined geographic area

Phi can search for donations by postcode (whether whole or in part) or by city, allowing you to identify the biggest givers or recipients within an area.

Identify celebrity supporters

Phi includes and, where possible, identifies charity patrons, as well as celebrity and VIP donors and supporters.

Check your strategy

Using Phi, it’s possible to measure the success of your competitors – how many major donors have they got?

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Data sources

All the data on the Factary Phi database has been sourced from the public domain. In compiling the database Factary has researched UK charities, grant-making trusts, universities, arts organisations and political donors; information comes from annual reports, press releases, newspapers and a number of other sources.

Every record includes a direct link to the website or the data source from which the information came, allowing you to check up on the database.

After a time, the information sources that Factary drew upon to build Phi become unavailable – charities take down old annual reports from their websites, websites close, or press releases are removed. When this happens, Factary retains the information, making Phi a useful historical source. We also provide guidance to Phi users, allowing them to check historical data using online archives as a reference.

“I’ve used Factary Phi daily in the week since we got it. I’ve found it to be easy to use and a great tool if you don’t have much time and want to get a quick overview of a donor’s other charitable interests.”

~ Anna Smith, Senior Major Giving Officer at MIND

“I find Factary Phi a great source of information. It is now one of my top research links to provide information on recipients or donors and their giving habits. I use it regularly for finding information on particular donors that I would have otherwise spent hours searching online to find and I also use it to prospect for new potential donors on new fundraising projects. It has grown in the year that I have been using it and will improve with age as it gets more and more information added to it. I love reading the regular newsletters that provide insightful information on Philanthropy in the UK and I think Phi will provide a unique tool to understand more about how Philanthropy develops over the coming years.”

~ Sacha Tremain, Major Donor Research Manager
at The National Trust

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Factary Phi Newsletter

Phi Newsletter

Each month we provide an information-packed newsletter, including statistics drawn from the Factary Phi data set as well as news on leading Philanthropists and profiles.

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Can I see Factary Phi in action?

We’ll be happy to set up a live online demonstration for you, and to answer all your questions. Contact David Hughes by email or phone 0117 9166 742 to request a demo, or to ask any questions about the database.

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