We’ve just raised £3 billion!

Factary announced today that it has identified £9.4 billion in donations to UK organisations. All of these donations are featured in Factary Phi, the database of publicly recorded gifts to UK nonprofits. This figure is up by more than £3 billion from last month’s total of £6.2 billion, thanks to new research into UK donors.

Factary Phi is a database of more than 150,000 publicly recorded gifts to UK nonprofits. Users can log in to the database, search for specific gifts, or gifts to causes, and extract detailed records showing the donor’s name and the URL or website where we found the gift. Factary Phi is a subscription service available to any UK nonprofit. Click here for more details, including screenshots.


Factary is a research and consultancy service for nonprofits. We offer research and consultancy services in fundraising from ‘strategic donors’ – major donors, trusts and foundations, companies and government. Factary was founded in 1990 and is based in Bristol, where we have a research and consultancy team, as well as in Barcelona, Brussels and Boston where we have consultants.

Factary Phi is a database of donations to UK nonprofits. We research and compile the data from public domain sources and currently show 155,276 records with a total gift value of £9,488,310,271. These figures change regularly – we have a fortnightly update cycle for Factary Phi.

Factary Phi shows the name and registration number of the nonprofit (charity, university, arts organisation etc) that received the gift, along with the donor’s name and the URL, or website, where we found the gift. Around half of the gifts show either an actual amount donated, or a range within which the gift falls (e.g. £10,000-£25,000) The total amount donated for which we show an actual amount donated is £9.3 billion (£9,314,557,955) and where we show a range is £173m (£173,752,316, the sum of the lower end of the donation ranges.)

Any UK nonprofit can subscribe to Factary Phi. Subscribers get 24/7/365 access to the database, unlimited searches, unlimited search time and a monthly newsletter on major gifts.

Factary Phi is one of a number of services provided by Factary, including data screening and analysis, prospect research, feasibility studies and major gift consultancy, as well as training.

Note for those wary of statistics:

The total amount given by individuals in the UK is approximately £9.9 billion per annum [Source: UK Giving 2009, Charities Aid Foundation.] The same source indicates that 26.9m people gave last year. So how can one database, showing only those donations recorded in the public domain show a similar total?

Three reasons; First, Factary Phi records donations over a number of years. Our database goes back to 2007, so we have more than three years of giving in the data set. Second, we’re reporting on the largest gifts; UK Giving 2009 estimates that high-value gifts represent 49% of the total amount given to charity. The database is ‘biased’ toward major gifts. Third, we take a broad definition of gifts – so we include donations to universities, museums, libraries, theatres, schools and political parties, as well as to charities.

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