Universities in Factary Phi

Factary Phi, our database of donors and supporters to UK nonprofits, is beginning to reveal an interesting picture of philanthropy in the UK. The database only covers donations that are recorded in the public domain, so it is emphatically not a sample of all philanthropy.

But working within that limitation, the Factary team has been analysing donations to Universities and education, and we’ve come up with some surprising, and some reassuring, results.

Reassuring, for example, is the fact that over 95% of publicly acknowledged donations come from individual people – that means a good wide base of philanthropic support for UK universities. Surprising was the fact that we have found trusts and foundations to be particularly keen to list their donation value on University websites.

We have also demonstrated, we think for the first time in the UK, that academics are an important group of donors to UK Universities – representing around 12% of donors and 17% by value of publicly recorded donations.

We have written a brief report on these statistics as an aid to development teams in universities and the education sector. You can download the report here.

There is more about Factary Phi at here. If you would like to talk to a human being about Factary Phi, call us in Bristol on 0117 916 6740, or email at research@factary.com.

Download the report.

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