We’re bigger than NASA*

Factary Phi – our online, searchable database of philanthropists in the UK – has now reached 287,472 records and a total of £17 billion in recorded donations.

(*For comparison, £17 billion is more than the total budget for NASA for 2012, US$18 billion [source: www.whitehouse.gov])

Every single record is searchable, and subscribers can see who has given, to whom, and find the original public-domain source we used to find the record.

We’ve just uploaded over 23,000 new records to Factary Phi with a total value of £482m, equivalent to over half the total value of the Factary Phi database when it was launched in 2009. At the top end of philanthropy, we are currently reporting on 829 donations of £1m or more. That’s a lot of giving to UK organisations by people, trusts and foundations, and companies.

You could be using Factary Phi to

Here’s what users say:

Factary Phi is a unique tool, which has been a great starting point for much of my research & certainly saved me a great deal of time. As a new product to the market, it can only become stronger as more and more data is added.
— Arts organisation


Factary Phi is a great resource which helps our team get the fullest view of philanthropists’ giving, and helps us in prospecting.
— Social welfare organisation


Factary Phi makes my job easier and is a much quicker way of searching on a donor’s philanthropy.
— Arts organisation


Phi has been very useful and I now use it on a weekly basis.
— University

If you like a nice graph, here’s our growth in numbers of records:

Data growth Factary Phi

And here’s the growth in total value of donations recorded:

Value growth Factary Phi

Read more about Factary Phi here, or contact us to ask more or arrange a demo.

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