Foundations of Wealth 2012

This year, 32 people with a combined wealth of £18.2 billion created new grant-making trusts in the UK. Most (84%) of these people of wealth are self-made millionaires. All have an estimated £10m or more in identifiable assets.


Factary has just published a report on these, the UK’s newest philanthropists. As well as people from financial services, retail and property sectors, we’ve identified an author, an actor, a brewer and a fashion designer. Three of the new philanthropists are investors in football clubs.

Thanks to Factary Phi, our database of donations to UK causes, we have been able to identify the causes that many of these philanthropists supported before they created their foundations. We’ve found personal, substantial donations to causes ranging from the Royal Shakespeare Company to Ovarian Cancer Action, and from Glyndebourne to the London School of Economics. This information on past philanthropy helps us understand the likely direction of these new trusts and foundations.


The report shows the way in which philanthropy has become international. It suggests a trend towards US citizens creating trusts and foundations in the UK – three of the 32 philanthropists are from the USA. The new philanthropists have global connections – identified in the report – to Australia, France, Greece, India, Iraq, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Switzerland, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates, Uganda, USA, and Zambia amongst others.


The 65-page report includes biographic profiles of the philanthropists, including their education and professional positions, and information on their philanthropy including trusteeships. We include an analysis of each individual’s wealth. On each grant-making trust – all featured in this year’s New Trust Update – we include information on aims and activities drawn from public domain sources and, in many cases, from direct correspondence with the trusts themselves.

We’ve also included a networking index to help you identify the links between philanthropists, companies and these new trusts.


The report is available from Factary at £135. Current and new subscribers to our New Trust Update report can order the report at the special price of £95.  To order your copy, contact Nicola Williams,, 0117 916 67 40.

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